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August 3, 2020

It is with great pleasure that DSA announces the expansion of the Nordeon Group family of brands. We welcome Lamp, Schmitz Wila, and Pantheon to the DSA family!



Lamp delivers the language of lighting to hospitality, retail, and commercial interiors through functional and relevant solutions which enhance the space with beauty and order.


SCHMITZ | WILA combines functional design and clean aesthetics with precise and efficient lighting technology. Our award-winning products are the perfect tools to providing deliberate focus on individual architectural features or for creating sophisticated indoor lighting concepts. Quality, design, and the application of progressive lighting technology elevates SCHMITZ | WILA products as a growing market leader in interior lighting.



Fast growing supplier of outdoor lighting products for budget sensitive commercial outdoor and area lighting applications and projects. The rapidly expanding line will grow to include pole mounted luminaires, wall packs, illuminating bollards, as well as poles and mounting brackets.


July 28, 2020


It is with great pleasure that DSA announces our newest partnership with Connective Lighting Technology! 


Connective Lighting Technology offers sustainable lighting solutions, quality LED light engines, and optical and thermal management systems. Products include downlights, track systems, linear LED’s, pendants, and surface lighting.


A new company led by an industry professional with 40+ years’ experience in the lighting industry, CLT possess a sophisticated knowledge of market demands and is rooted with regards to highest levels of  fixture design and manufacturing.



Contact a DSA representative to see how you can use Connective Lighting Technology for your next project!



July 10, 2020



Introducing Birchwood Lighting’s BW165, a small form-factor direct/indirect luminaire with all the integrated options generally found only in larger profiles. With a profile just over 1.5 inches featuring high efficacy lensing, indirect batwing distribution and an integral driver with deep dimming, BW165 packs a powerful punch.



  • Exceptional Color Rendering
  • Unique Continuous Run Latch System

  • High Efficiency Outputs
  • Tunable White Capabilities




Contact a DSA representative today to see how you can use BW165 on your next project!



June 30, 2020



Developed from the ground up, Intense Lighting’s revolutionary V-Rail Spot pairs best in class light levels with unmatched flexibility within a complete system. Powerful yet discrete light engines with symmetrical and asymmetrical proprietary optics provide exceptional beam consistency, uniformity and allow for true curved rail capabilities.


Whether you’re looking for dramatic pools of light or need to maximize foot candles on a path of egress, we can bring your design to light with a complete rail solution shipped from the factory.



Contact a DSA representative to see how you can use V-Rail on your next project!



June 12,2020


Health and wellness concerns are currently at an elevated state, and the concepts of distancing and slowing the spread of disease weigh heavily on our minds. As we move forward it is important to devise space planning methods that allow us to safely collaborate, maintain interpersonal relations, and connect with nature – elements of human life necessary for our well-being.



New Approaches to Outdoor Space Planning

The following guide from Landscape Forms is offered to help designers in creating settings and places that foster well-being. A focus on reducing physical contact, while maintaining social connection is key to preserving the collective well-being of our communities.


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Product Spotlight: Intense Gravity 2-inch Shallow

April 2, 2020

Shallow Plenum? No Problem.


Intense Lighting Gravity™ 2-inch Shallow only needs 2.5-inches of plenum space. With a variety of lumen packages, optics and an adjustable collar, it’s easy to find your ideal configuration for any tight space.


Explore Gravity



Contact a DSA representative to see how you can use Intense Lighting Gravity 2-Inch on your next project!