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Product Spotlight: Intense Gravity 2-inch Shallow

April 2, 2020

Shallow Plenum? No Problem.


Intense Lighting Gravity™ 2-inch Shallow only needs 2.5-inches of plenum space. With a variety of lumen packages, optics and an adjustable collar, it’s easy to find your ideal configuration for any tight space.


Explore Gravity



Contact a DSA representative to see how you can use Intense Lighting Gravity 2-Inch on your next project!


March 23, 2020


It is with great pleasure that DSA announces our newest partnership with Corten Studio!

Corten Studio is a Southern California based manufacturer of modular steel planters, benches , structural supports, and decking with numerous design possibilities. Through innovative and superior quality products that work individually or as a complete system, Corten Studio makes inspiring, contemporary, functional and reliable outdoor spaces for people to enjoy!


The Corten Studio Terrace System



Corten Studio’s landscape edging, composite decking, bespoke planters, support structures and porcelain tiles for terrace systems are all practical products that turn ordinary outdoor spaces into innovative, imaginative and enjoyable environments.

Custom Planters & Benches



Creating enjoyable, practical spaces in urban areas has its challenges, but with versatile and high-quality designs, Corten Studio planters are an ideal way to define plants, trees and green spaces. Corten Studio planters are a robust solution for modern roof terraces, podiums, public areas and private gardens.



January 13, 2020



It is with great pleasure that DSA announces our newest partnership with Visual Lighting Technologies (VLT)!


In 2000, VLT got started in fiber optic lighting with a simple guiding principle “Do it the Right Way”. That dedication to quality and performance made VLT the premier U.S. supplier for specification grade fiber optic systems.


As LEDs brought dramatic changes to the lighting industry, VLT transitioned from fiber-focused past to the LED future. From simple kitchen under-cabinet applications to high-profile retail projects, VLT’s LED linear, panel and display products have won a devoted following with architects, designers and lighting specifiers.


Over the years VLT have expanded their product range with the VLTLED Outdoor collection of bollards, path lights, sconces and accent fixtures, and they’ve continually enhanced and expanded the EssentialLEDs line of products.


Whether an application calls for LED or fiber optic lighting, indoors or out, specifiers can rely on Visual Lighting Technologies to provide first class products, comprehensive support, and the great follow-through they’ve been known for since the beginning.


Contact a DSA representative today to see how you can use VLT on your next project!



January 3, 2020


Hess America announces the Mosaic illuminating column has won a Product Innovation Award (PIA) for Architectural Products magazine. The awards program seeks to recognize the development and refinement of buildings-related products across a wide range of trades and disciplines.


The Mosaic illuminated columns add formality and definition to outdoor spaces through the artistic interplay of light and shadows. Available in 10′, 12′, or 14′ heights, Mosaic features decorative panels with organic styling cues ranging from woven palm fronds to ice bloom formation. For larger projects, designers have the option to specify custom panel designs for messaging or to match site aesthetics.


A single luminaire backlights the patterned panels from within. LED light sources may be monochrome in white or single colors for simple ambiance. Light sources may also be RGB, RGBW, or dynamic white to create colorful scenes and effects when using onboard sequencing or external DMX control system.


Contact a DSA representative today to see how you can use Hess’ Mosaic illuminating column on your next project.



December 5, 2019



High Efficiency Optical Performance


Birchwood Lighting is excited to introduce a new variety of performance optic options! In addition to elegant, clean, and even illumination, Birchwood is focusing on light control and efficacy. With Birchwood’s newly introduced lensing options, you’re now able to use fewer luminaires and meet stricter power density requirements.


New Performance Optic Options:

  • High Efficiency Lens – up to 120 lm/W
  • 115° Batwing – up to 115 lm/W
  • 15° Asymmetric – up to 105 lm/W
  • 70° Elliptical – up to 101 lm/W


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